An additional nature volunteer contingent gathered at Sutton Ecology Centre today to assist with the creation of some fabulous new willow sculptures… and because we just can’t help ourselves, a bit more besides!

What is willow sculpture?

Willow is a hugely versatile wood. You can bend and twist it into all kinds of shapes because it is so flexible, so it is perfect for making sculptures.

You can weave willow through itself to create willow sculptures that will potentially last up to five years or so. A densely woven sculpture will last longer – that is, if it has lots of willow ‘withies’ tightly interwoven.

If the willow is already cut, you can help to make it more flexible by soaking it overnight. The general rule is to soak it for 24hrs for each foot of willow.

Willow can be coppiced in the spring to select willow segments that will naturally replenish year on year.

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