Following a concerted effort by our fantastic volunteers, friends and followers, SNCV’s Glorious Glades project won an award from Tesco. Thanks to our wonderful local community and Tesco Bags of Help, SNCV were given £2,000 to spend on planting hundreds of wild flowers for butterflies, beetles and bees at Queen Mary’s Woodland.

Task Day at Queen Mary’s Woodland – October 2018

Queen Mary’s Woodland is one of the most recent nature reserves acquired by Sutton Council. It has faced invasion from fast-growing non-native species like Sycamore, cherry laurel and bamboo. We have been clearing away these invasive species to allow native species to get re-established on the woodland floor, providing necessary resources for pollinators and other forms of wildlife. Other work has included establishing a woodland pond to create a useful habitat for the frogs and toads known to be in the area.

If you would like to find out more about how to get involved, please visit our nature volunteering page or get in touch.