One of SNCV’s main goals is to encourage and enable as many people as possible to get involved with helping and enjoying wildlife on their doorstep. We are therefore keen to ensure that when we welcome new volunteers there are enough tools and equipment to go around.

Whilst SNCV volunteers are a resourceful bunch and manage to find ways of keeping the equipment we use serviceable, the fact is that things do eventually need replacing. During the 30 years that volunteers have been working to improve and maintain habitats in Sutton, some of the methods have changed a little, but cutting, digging, wheeling and raking are still at the heart of what we do.

Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers Wishlist

If you are able to support SNCV through , or are able to make a donation, we would be delighted. We have made a list of some of the items we use regularly and which are vital for keeping Sutton’s nature sites looking good for wildlife and the humans that visit and enjoy them.

  • Gloves – essential volunteer protection                         £2.50
  • Bulk bag – for removing grass and other vegetation   FREE (if recycled)
  • Loppers – the workhorse of habitat management       £30
  • Bow saw blades – handles are still good for years      £8
  • Wheelbarrow – to ease the load                                      £50
  • Wellie boots – for dredging from the edge                    £25
  • Waders – for full on pond commitment                         £60
  • Volunteer fuel ! – Box of broken biscuits                       £3

Can you help with any of these items? If so, please email We would love to hear from you.

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