Working out of Sutton Ecology Centre today, a full sized team had a multitude of tasks to undertake to keep them occupied.

With the pond bridge decking in place since the final months of last year, one portion of the team took on the more calculated work of starting to patch in the transitional section of decking up the slight incline of the gravel path to the bridge itself for ease of access.

As the measuring, hammering and hardcore rolling got under way here, the rest of the volunteers proceeded with filling up the surrounds of the raised ponds with soil and clearing them of thatchy water vegetation build up. The area in front of the new Willow Snail was cleared of Snowberry and a pile of decaying wood, helping to make the setting more picturesque.

Others on the team also engaged in a light spot of weeding and preparation work to the plant beds on the ponds periphery. They dead hedged a fallen tree in the meadow area, weeded the compost bays of some persistent Dock and gave the paving below the new Willow arches a good brushing down to make it look even more shiny and new.

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