The Biodiversity Team has been informed today that a dog attack has taken place on the sheep that were grazing Cuddington Meadows. The sheep have been removed from site.

We have been informed that of the 12 sheep on site, one was killed yesterday and partially eaten by a fox over night, whilst two seriously injured sheep have had to be put down. A further sheep had its ear bitten off. The vet is hopeful that this individual may heal but sheep can die very easily of shock, so further sheep, less or even uninjured individuals, may also die because of this horrific attack.

The sheep have been happily grazing the site to maintain and enhance its species rich grassland over the last few months. However, someone has allowed their dog to attack the sheep. If you or someone you know has any information about who this person is, please get in touch with the Biodiversity Officer (contact details below).

Cuddington Sheep in happier times

Cuddington sheep in happier times

The site has been grazed with a mix of Herdwick, Jacobs and Beulah Speckled Face, as each breed has a slightly different preference for plants, creating the varied grassland so important for biodiversity.

This incident means that the future of grazing on this and other sites will need to be reconsidered. We will keep you updated with the status of the sheep and grazing on this and other sites in Sutton.

Our thoughts and thanks go to Sean and colleagues from the Downlands Partnership whose sheep they are, who have had to deal with the terrible and bloody aftermath of someone’s pet wantonly killing their livestock.

If you have any idea who may be responsible, please get in touch with Sutton Biodiversity Team.

David Warburton
Biodiversity Officer
020 8770 4203

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