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Do you need some ideas of things to do with the children this Half Term?
Whilst there aren’t any organised activities at Sutton Ecology Centre during this school holiday, the nature reserve is still open all day, 7 days a week. So why not pop along and make your own fun !
If you haven’t already signed up, the Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild’  provides lots of fun ideas for nature related activities. Alternatively, a favourite of Sutton’s Biodiversity  Team Education Officer is The Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives.
So come along this half term and see what you can find. If you get the chance we would love to hear about any discoveries you make. Please post your photos or stories on the Sutton Ecology Centre Facebook page.
If you are looking for wild stuff to do with your little ones after half term, there are still spaces on Wildlings Forest School at Sutton Ecology Centre on Thursday afternoons.
For more information please Contact Wildlings Forest School directly.
Sutton Ecology Centre provides an inspiring place to deliver the National Curriculum and encourage young people to develop an interest in the natural world. To find out more about the service Sutton’s Biodiversity Team provide for schools and community groups, please visit their website or contact the Education Officer.

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