April 22nd is Earth Day.

This first began in the United States in 1970 and has since spread to include up to 175 countries.

The purpose is to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and encourage people to participate in helping to protect the planet.

Many of the activities on earth day focus on environmental education through activities for children where they can learn something about nature.  The most common perhaps is taking part in tree planting.

While the initiatives and action by all of the volunteers across the world on this day is inspiring, what you can really do for the Earth is commit to doing something green this year.

For instance, you could stop using toxic chemicals and pesticides, plant a garden, start recycling, eat more local food and conserve water. Even choosing one of these at a time can make a significant difference.

And if you need another reason to go green consider it for you own health, as a new report has revealed that the air pollution in Britain is one of the worst in Europe, particularly in London.

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