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Month January 2016

Roughin’ it in Ruffet and Bigwood

After my latest trip out with the Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers, I am now relaxing at home with aching biceps, feeling tuckered out yet exhilarated. Earlier today I have been putting my newly acquired tree felling skills to good use in… Continue Reading →

Natural capital and nature conservation champions don’t need to fight

A really interesting blog on the links that can be made between conservation and natural capital; have a read and a think! Become a volunteer Sutton nature events

Volunteers sought for hedge laying in Brockwell Park

If you have read our blogs on hedging and fancy a go, here’s your chance! Become a volunteer Sutton nature events

Brown Hairstreak

According to the authors of ‘Butterflies of Surrey Revisited‘, “finding an adult brown hairstreak is one of the most difficult tasks for a butterfly enthusiast”. As a fond admirer of the fluttering jewels, I must count myself very fortunate then, for… Continue Reading →


Ponds, Sutton’s Ponds In my last blog post I attempted to explain the importance of reed beds and how we assist with their conservation at the SNCV. Being breast deep in silty, thick, stenching water, while shifting literally tonnes of reed… Continue Reading →

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