Wandle Valley Wetland LNR

Wandle Valley Wetland is around two thirds of a hectare and comprises open water, scrub, lots of marginal vegetation and seasonal pools. It was declared a Local Nature Reserve in January 2004.

Wandle Valley Wetland is usually closed to members of the public. However, local community groups use the area for pond dipping and mini-beast hunting, as well as taking healthy walks.

Since the summer of summer of 2005, the site has been open as part of the Wandle Valley Festival. As well as the usual pond dipping, people can participate in wildlife painting and plenty of fun and games.


Although home to many familiar wetland creatures like frogs, toads and newts, the Wetlands are also home to several bird species, including the blackcap with its beautiful song and the tiny wren with its loud and long trilling song. At the height of summer, male brown hawker dragonflies 5 inches across patrol the pond, their amber wings shimmering in the sunlight.


Wandle Valley is a low intervention site. This means that to keep the nature conservation interest of the site going takes little direct input form staff and volunteers. The major work included the initial transplanting of reeds into the new pond (and now, the annual clearance of reeds as they grow too dense!); cutting back vegetation to keep the paths clear and the removal of rubbish that somehow finds its way onto the reserve!

Volunteer with us to protect this nature reserve in Sutton for generations to come.