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Our National Pollinators

Good lord, we’re well into March already. And after a balmy winter, Friday (4th) brought about the years first grass cut in my garden. After blowing out the cobwebs, cleaning the air filter and checking the oil and petrol, off we… Continue Reading →

Grazing Consultation – Wellfield South

Over the last few months, the London Borough of Sutton Biodiversity Team have run a small consultation on the potential grazing of Wellfield South, a 0.6ha site in Carshalton Beeches. [googlemaps] The Biodiversity Team are happy to report that the majority… Continue Reading →

Therapia Lane Rough – the wasteland.

Therapia Lane Rough is a site that has been swallowed by industrialisation. Nestled amongst a tram line, a suburban housing estate and an industrial builder’s yard, it is hard to believe that this site offers much for nature conservation. Upon… Continue Reading →

Green Hay

One of our main aims at the SNCV is the conservation and improvement of sites of wildlife value throughout the borough. On Thursday, the team headed over to Roundshaw Downs with the intent of doing just that through ‘sward enhancement’. This is a management technique… Continue Reading →

Cutting at Kimpton

This Tuesday the SNCV were out at Kimpton Balancing Pond and Buffer Strip. This nature conservation site is hidden away behind the Kimpton Industrial Estate but provides a valuable wildlife corridor and pond habitat for wildlife. The focus of Tuesday’s… Continue Reading →

Carew Manor Wetlands Nature Area

On 1st April, the SNCV were off to Carew Manor Wetlands to cut back some of the overgrown grass and vegetation on the site. Carew Manor Wetlands is a small wetlands site tucked away in Beddington Park. It’s a great… Continue Reading →

Coppicing and Snowberry clearance at Roundshaw Woods

On Sunday the 30th November, a group of employees from the United Parcel Service (UPS) took a break from their busy pre-Christmas deliveries, to help carry out some habitat maintenance at Roundshaw Woods. The weather was on our side and… Continue Reading →

Glorious grasses!

Last weekend, the Biodiversity Gardens project hosted its 3rd training day of the year, entitled ‘Grasses for Beginners Training Day’. The workshop aimed at getting people to grips with a basic understanding of grassland ecology, biology and identification. Being an… Continue Reading →

Small blue project kicks off at Roundshaw Downs Nature Reserve

The small blue butterfly Cupido minimus is the UK’s smallest native butterfly and it’s a scarce and declining UK species. The London Borough of Sutton has a small population, restricted to a few nature reserves on the North Downs. The… Continue Reading →

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