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Dawn Chorus Delight

Twelve attendees made the special effort to join the Biodiversity Team at 5am on Sunday 1st May for a dawn chorus walkabout as part of International Dawn Chorus Day. The morning was crisp with a light frosting on the ground… Continue Reading →

Reed Beds

By November, I had assumed that our annual grass cuts had been completed, with our green hay spread, our seeds sown and our plugs planted. So surely it was time to put away the rakes and let them lay dormant until… Continue Reading →

Reedbed Cutting at Anton Crescent

This frosty Tuesday, the SNCV began the first stage of pond works at Anton Crescent Wetlands. This local nature reserve is fairly small in size, but has one of the densest reedbeds in the whole of Sutton, and is home… Continue Reading →

Losses to Common European Bird Species

Last week the Guardian published an interesting article that highlighted the startling decline of common bird species, such as the sparrow and skylark, across Europe. This information comes from a recent study, which has shown that bird populations across Europe… Continue Reading →

The House Sparrow & World Sparrow Day

Last week, the 20th March marked World Sparrow Day, a day designated to raising awareness for the house sparrow (Passer domesticus) and the threats to their populations, by India’s Nature Forever Society. So why has the 20th of March been… Continue Reading →

Species Spotlight: Dunnocks and a Cuckoo in the Nest

This week we are taking a look at the Dunnock (Prunella modularis), a small brown bird that often goes about unnoticed. Chances are you have probably seen one, but their inconspicuous colour and tendency to sit in hedgerows and dense vegetation, means… Continue Reading →

Childish fun!

Check out the newly added events for children and young people for February half term and April’s Easter holidays, run by Sutton’s Biodiversity Team! Become a volunteer Sutton nature events

Hedgelaying at Anton Crescent Wetlands

 On Tuesday 20th January the Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers were carrying out the traditional practice of hedgelaying at Anton Crescent Wetlands.  Hedgelaying is typically carried out on agricultural sites to provide boundaries for fields or to keep livestock enclosed. But… Continue Reading →

Tree Sparrow Ringing at Beddington Farmlands

On Saturday 8th June 2013, the Biodiversity Gardens team met up with bird enthusiast Derek Coleman to survey tree sparrow nest boxes situated in Beddington Farmlands. With permission from Viridor, who own the site, we entered the private land and shortly arrived at our first row… Continue Reading →

The Birds and the Bees!

Late last year Biodiversity Gardens received an email requesting wildlife activities for a sheltered housing scheme in central Sutton and we jumped at the chance. First things first, it is important to see what you are working with and this… Continue Reading →

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