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Invaders must die! (or, a balanced and well reasoned look at non native species in the UK)

The title is a reference to a total banger of a song by The Prodigy. Give it a listen if you want to get super pumped up while you read about biosecurity and habitat management. I wont mind if you… Continue Reading →

Sutton Common Scrape all planted up!

As mentioned in my previous post on Sutton Common, October 25th was set to be a planting day – and plant we did! With a great group of volunteers we sunk over 100 new plants into the thick, sticky clay… Continue Reading →

Sutton Common – future wildlife haven!

To look at Sutton Common a few years ago you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a fairly standard amenity parkland with relatively little value for wildlife. If you looked right now you would see a huge amount of churned… Continue Reading →

Party preparations are well underway…

Our 30th Birthday bash is almost upon us, so it’s all go for the volunteers, running around industriously prepping and ferrying things around, getting ready for the party! And there’s a lot to get ready! With tea and cake, arts… Continue Reading →

Celebrate good times – SNCV Birthday Bash at Queen Mary’s Woodland!

Those of you who avidly follow the Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers blog, facebook and twitter may be aware that we’re celebrating a big birthday this year. It has been 30 years since the SNCV was first established, championing Sutton’s wildlife… Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Boy Backs Burgeoning Butterfly Benevolence, Lazy Lad Learns to Love Lepidoptera

Last week, accompanied by a small group of novice lepidopterists (me being very very novice!), I attended a ‘Butterfly Study Day’, hosted by Dave Warburton, Sutton’s senior biodiversity officer, in Carshalton. I’ll be honest, I have had a hard time finding… Continue Reading →

Newt Survey Log #4 – The final hurdle! Finally!

The week before last, joined by a third torch in the form of Mary, Sutton’s Biodiversity Education officer, we finally did the last of our 4 week set of newt surveys at the Sutton Ecology Center ponds. Unfortunately bad weather… Continue Reading →

Newt survey log #3

After a few shadowy, eye-strainy outings with sup-par lamps (detailed in my previous newt survey logs #1 and #2) we finally received our shiny new batteries – and they really did shine! With the extra firepower we were able to… Continue Reading →

Newt survey log #2

Following up the first, dimly lit newt survey on the 18th April , we returned to the Ecology center ponds last week with newly bought batteries in tow that would hold their charge all night and dazzle and bamboozle any unwary… Continue Reading →

Newt survey log #1

Last night Alex and I braved the darkness to peer into the depths of the various pools and ponds around Sutton Ecology Center. Armed with some huge, ominous looking survey flashlights we strode into the mild evening,  hoping to find… Continue Reading →

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